2018 Stormwater Victoria Conference
WEDNESDAY 6TH – FRIDAY 8TH June, 2018 | sheraton melbourne hotel, VICTORIA
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Technical Tour - Friday 8th June

Koorie Heritage Trust Guided Walking Tour

Led by one of Koorie Heritage Trust Cultural guides, the walk will start at Enterprize Park under the Scar Poles. You will be taken through significant sites and landmarks, including the site of the Elizabeth Street Creek and the original location of the Birrarung Falls. There you will be able to look down to the first wharves constructed at the time of settlement.

After a short walk back to the Koorie Heritage Trust and Federation Square, you will learn how the land on which Melbourne is located has changed over time. You will gain a deeper and more meaningful understanding of this incredible location, an important meeting place for the Kulin Nations and one of Melbourne’s most popular meeting hubs. Upstairs you will be shown a number of artefacts relating to Koorie lifestyle and culture.

As we venture back outside along the Birrarung (Yarra River) you will be shown the Birrarung Wilam Aboriginal art instillations and learn the importance these have to Koorie people.

Once over the William Barack Bridge, you will enter a traditional Kulin Nations meeting place thousands of years old, that has become a significant contemporary meeting place for Melbournians and Victorian’s today. Here you will learn about the ongoing use of local Aboriginal culture in heritage sites, the Scar Trees and understanding of what they can tell us today about a history and culture that is 60,000 years old.


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